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Premier Customer Program™
Check out the financial and service benefits of being a CARJON Preferred Customer!
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Tune-up time is here!

Did you know?

  • A system tune-up is the best way to ensure it's running at peak efficiency, saving you on energy costs!
  • Most unexpected system failures could have been caught during a routine maintenance.
  • Most manufacturers require proof of routine maintenance for their warranties.


Join our Premier Customer Program™ today and receive:

  • 15% discount of service repairs
  • Advanced Heating and/or cooling tune-ups
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • System Replacement Rewards
  • Priority service
  • Priority sales estimates
  • Priority tune-ups
  • Discounted dispatch fee

The Premier Customer Program™ starts at only $13/month per heating or cooling system. Combine both and receive a discount! 

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