How do I know if I have Poor IAQ?

Indoor Air Quality Certified

Here at CARJON, we ensure the indoor air your family breathes is clean and safe. As the IAQ Experts, we are able (and certified!) to perform a comprehensive indoor air analysis in your home. With every IAQ test, you'll receive a full 10-11 page report presented by one of our IAQ experts. You can rest assured that you know what's in your indoor air, and that you have a company you trust to correct it. Unfortunately we do not offer this service for commercial applications at this time, since testing parameters tend to be drastically different. 

How does an IAQ Test work?

Easy! One of our HVAC specialists will visit your home and install an AirAdvice monitor. The device simply plugs into a power outlet and records data continuously 24-hours a day. It will measure these indoor air component levels: Particle Allergens, Chemical Pollutants, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide. 

After the testing period, we'll come out to retrieve the monitor and upload the information onto our system. We'll then compile a report with all of the findings. Finally, one of our IAQ Specialists will present the report to you, explain in detail, and go over any possible solutions if needed.

Contact us to find out how we can improve the Air Quality in your Home or Workplace by designing an IAQ system to fit your exact needs! Our air quality control products are designed to create super clean air, so you can feel the difference.

Read more about the effects of poor indoor air quality at:

American Lung Association

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