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October 18, 2023

Heating and cooling systems are an investment in your home, and as with most new appliances, they usually come with a parts warranty directly from the manufacturer. However, many HVAC installations often come with the option to add an extended warranty or maintenance plan. The question is, are they worth it? As it turns out, there are many benefits to HVAC extended warranties. 

At CARJON, we understand the importance of protecting your HVAC investment and offer a straightforward and affordable Premium Protection Plan to help bring you peace of mind when you install new HVAC equipment. 

Benefits of an HVAC Extended Warranty

One of the advantages of an extended warranty for your HVAC is that it will cover the cost of labor when your heating and cooling system needs repairs. An important fact to know is that manufacturer warranties usually only cover the cost of parts. Labor to replace those parts usually account for more than half of the cost of HVAC repairs and by investing in an HVAC extended warranty, you can rest easy knowing your equipment is covered for all repair expenses. 

CARJON Premium HVAC Protection Plans

Our Premium Protection Plans include comprehensive coverage of your HVAC system against unexpected failures. This extended warranty will cover parts and labor needed to repair your HVAC system so you can keep your family safe and comfortable. Our HVAC extended warranties are also backed by an A-rated insurance underwriter, making the decision easy. 

A CARJON Premium Protection Plan features:

No Deductible

Your equipment is covered with a single up-front cost throughout the life of the warranty. 

No Limit on Repairs

Your HVAC equipment is covered to the limit of liability, regardless of how much work it needs.

Cost-effective Coverage

While the exact cost of the HVAC extended warranty is dependent on the length of coverage and type of equipment, you’ll be covered for around just pennies a day.

Fully Transferable

We can transfer the coverage to a new homeowner in the event of a move at no additional cost. Note that this is only applicable to the Premium Protection Plans by CARJON—some manufacturers will not transfer a parts warranty to a new owner.

CARJON Premium Protection Plans require regular system maintenance, which we also make easy with our Maintenance Agreements. We offer a variety of regular service programs made to fit any budget, all of which will lead to benefits like: 

  • Increased HVAC safety
  • Less risk of costly repairs
  • Longer equipment lifespan 

Furnace Won’t Turn On? Call CARJON! 

With a Premium Protection Plan and Maintenance Agreement from CARJON, you can rest assured knowing that your equipment is protected and we will be there to help with maintenance or repairs anytime you need them. Our team of HVAC experts will be there for you for the life of your system, keeping your home comfortable and efficient for years to come. 

CARJON offers heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and repair services throughout Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts.

Get peace of mind with a Premium Protection Plan for your HVAC system. Call 401-257-6254 or contact us online.

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