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January 30, 2020
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With winter in full swing, and many of us are looking forward to settling in at home in a cozy living room, away from the freezing outside temperatures. But what if your heating system doesn’t deliver the home comfort you’re looking for?

Furnace issues are common at this time of year, and we often get questions from homeowners like “What should I do when my furnace blows cold air?” “Why is my furnace making noise?” and “What is that smell coming from my furnace?” In case you’re experiencing heating system issues at your home, here is a brief guide to what causes the most common furnace noises we see here in Rhode Island.

What’s That Noise Coming From My Furnace?

Loud Banging or Booming

Loud banging or booming could be a sign that there is a gas buildup in your heating system. Gas buildup may be caused by dirty burners that delay ignition. This issue can cause the furnace heat exchanger to crack, leading to an expensive repair. With a quick call to our furnace repair technicians, we can diagnose the problem and get your heating system running smoothly again as soon as possible.

If these sounds aren’t coming from your furnace, your ductwork could be expanding and shifting. Our team can assess your ductwork to determine if the problem is with your ductwork rather than your HVAC unit.

Squealing or Screeching

Squealing or screeching is generally not as serious of a problem but will definitely require help from a experienced heating contractor. These sounds may indicate that there is a loose screw or damaged belt; or the bearings could need some lubrication. The problem could also be a malfunctioning blower motor. Because this sound can have a number of causes, it’s best to contact an HVAC expert when you hear it inside your own home.


Furnace rattling could be a sign that there is a loose panel or screw — which may be possible to resolve on your own if the loose screw is in a conspicuous area. In most cases, however, it’s best to turn off your heating system immediately and call an experienced furnace specialist. The issue could be something very serious, like a crack in the heat exchanger. Problems with the heat exchanger can lead to a deadly carbon monoxide gas leak in your home.


A low rumbling sound could indicate that your furnace needs maintenance. Scheduling a tune-up could resolve the issue — or help your heating specialist determine what the real problem at hand is. Your heating specialist will tighten any loose connections and lubricate all moving parts, optimizing your system to run at maximum efficiency.

Prevent Heating Issues with A Maintenance Plan

No homeowner likes to turn on their heating system, only to find that it’s making a loud noise or emitting a strange odor. With the regular maintenance that comes with a maintenance agreement, you can have the peace of mind that your system will continue to run at its best, with fewer heating emergencies. Our team has expertise in not only furnaces but also boilers, heat pumps, and mini-splits as well.

Find out what’s causing your furnace to make that strange noise. Contact us or call 401-232-9400 to schedule a service visit!

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