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January 27, 2023
Heat pump condenser outside in the snow

Dry air in your house can be annoying, and it can also cause health concerns for your family. Overly dry air can lead to symptoms like skin and eye irritation, sore throat, and nosebleeds. It can also make existing respiratory conditions worse and trigger asthma attacks. 

If you’re thinking about a ducted or ductless heat pump installation, you don’t have to worry about the heat pump making your air dry. Heat pumps do act as natural dehumidifiers, but they will not make your air excessively dry and should not be used as a whole-home dehumidifier. 

What Causes Dry Air in a House? 

Wondering why the air in your house is so dry? It’s likely due to the weather outside. Humidity levels naturally decrease when it’s cold out, which means the air in your house is bound to be drier in the winter than it is during the summer. This has nothing to do with your heat pump. Heat pumps can help remove excess humidity during the summer months, but they won’t dry out the air during the winter. 

Why Is Low Indoor Humidity a Problem? 

Humidity control is important in every home. Most people recognize why high humidity is a problem—mold growth, for one—but are less aware of the dangers of low humidity levels. Low indoor humidity can cause serious concerns for homeowners, including: 

  • Skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation 

  • Nosebleeds 

  • Asthma and allergy attacks 

  • Cracked wood floors and cabinets 

  • Makes the air feel colder than it is 

Whole-Home Humidifiers Prevent Dry Air in Your House 

If you’re dealing with dry air in the winter, installing a whole-home humidifier is the best solution. Unlike portable humidifiers, which can only treat the air in one small area, whole-home humidifiers add moisture to the air throughout your entire home. The whole-home humidity control systems we install are designed to ensure optimal humidity levels throughout your home so you can keep your family comfortable and healthy during the dry winter months and protect your home from the damage dry air can cause. 

Get Year-Round Comfort with Heat Pumps & Humidity Control from CARJON 

Heat pumps and mini split heat pumps work the same way an air conditioner does. In the summer, they capture heat and humidity from the air inside your home and transfer it to the air outside. During the winter months, they reverse the process by extracting trace amounts of heat from the air outside and bringing it in. Heat pumps can provide optimal comfort all year round, especially when combined with a whole-home humidity control system.

CARJON is the heat pump installer Rhode Island homeowners trust for high-performance heat pump installation. We are a local company that helps homeowners throughout the state live in a world of total comfort with custom, high-performance HVAC and humidity control systems. We can help you find the right solution for your home at the right price. 

Prevent dry air in your home with whole-home humidity control. Call 401-232-9400 or contact us to learn more!

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