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May 11, 2020
hands working on an air conditioner

Homeowners from Smithfield to Warwick and all throughout Little Rhody are turning on their AC for the first time this spring face the same scenario: Something’s wrong with their cooling, but will it be a little fix or a major expense? It would be nice if ACs lasted forever—that guarantee would sure come in handy now, as it looks likely we’ll all be spending more time inside than usual for the near future.

But, the reality is that air conditioning systems get worn out and more prone to breaking down as they get older, and you’ll need to make an important decision: will it be more expensive to schedule air conditioner repair or just replace your AC unit? Based on years of experience helping Rhode Islanders stay comfortable and keep energy costs low, here are some of the factors you should consider.

When You Should Repair Your AC

Poor Airflow

Low airflow coming out of your vents could be linked back to a number of things, from a very dirty air filter (remember to check and change your filters regularly!) to a frozen evaporator coil or a malfunctioning blower wheel. Many of these issues can be resolved affordably.

Loud Noises or Strange Sounds Coming From Your Vents

We could fill an entire blog post devoted solely to the different sounds a broken AC can make and what could be causing them (hint: we already did!). And while the thumps, rattles, groans, or buzzes you’re hearing could signal a serious problem for your AC that might warrant air conditioner replacement, odds are that it’s a smaller issue that a simple AC repair call can address.

Visible Fluid Leaks

Water leaks from your AC are probably due to an issue with your condensate line, which helps get rid of excess moisture collected by the unit’s evaporator coils as air passes over them (this is why air conditioners are known to have a dehumidification effect). Your drain line could be clogged or your drain tray could have gotten damaged, but a qualified AC technician should be able to offer a quick fix for your home.

When You Should Replace Your AC

  • Your AC is 10+ Years Old

  • Your AC is Severely Damaged

  • Your Cooling Bills Keep Rising

A good rule of thumb is that the newer your AC is, the more sense it will make to pay for repairs, since you’re very likely to continue seeing years and years of satisfactory operation from your unit. But as your AC ages, more and more parts get worn out, repairs become more frequent, and you run the risk of your AC unit becoming an inefficient money pit. Around the 10 year mark, we find that the average cost to replace an AC unit is a better bargain than continuing to shell out for air conditioning repairs.

Besides, air conditioning technology progresses at a rapid rate, and that top-of-the-line unit from 10 years ago won’t be as efficient as today’s models. When you schedule AC unit home replacement, you’ll be upgrading to a cooling system that will lower your monthly energy bills, require less repairs in the immediate future, and (with regular maintenance) continue to provide efficient comfort for years to come.

Superior AC Repair Near You in Rhode Island

While the above suggestions will give you a general idea of what to look for if your AC isn’t working properly, an experienced HVAC contractor like CARJON can take a look at your system and give you a recommendation that will make the most sense, financially, for you.

Finding HVAC repair near you that will give you an honest opinion can be hard—but CARJON has built a reputation among Rhode Island homeowners since 1989 for quality work and expert customer service. Give our offices a call to learn more about the safety precautions we’re taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, and let us know how we can help your home.

Not sure whether central AC replacement costs will be more than the cost of repairing your air conditioner? Call 401-232-9400 or contact us today for professional advice.

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