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5 ways to save on your heating bill, carjon, ri
With winter on its way, there are steps you can take to ensure your home is prepared for the winter months. Carjon can help get your house ready and start saving money on your energy bills.
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Setting up a Maintenance Agreement with Carjon can save you time and money, giving you peace-of-mind throughout the winter. Lower your utility bills, prevent costly repairs, and more. Learn more about the benefits of having a Maintenance Agreement with Carjon.
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A central AC system offers a number of benefits for homeowners, including increased indoor comfort and greater convenience. But is central AC right for you? Find out from CARJON, Rhode Island’s HVAC experts, if it’s time for you to make the switch to central air conditioning.
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Fall is finally here, and those brisk breezes—while nice—are a reminder of the winter weather that’s soon to come. Are you ready to take control of your home? Here are a few simple steps that can reduce heating costs this fall and winter.
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If there’s a leak in your air conditioning system, it may be caused by a variety of issues, such as a clog or leaking refrigerant. Get the AC system in your Rhode Island home back up and running as soon as possible with AC repairs and maintenance by CARJON.
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A loud or unusual sound coming from your air conditioner is rarely a good sign and needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Find out what the sound your AC unit is making could mean, and schedule a repair with CARJON to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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CARJON Air Conditioning & Heating is dedicated to providing homeowners and businesses in Rhode Island with the highest quality heating and cooling service. This year, we’ve received the Readers’ Choice Award from Providence Journal for #1 heating and air conditioning service.
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While you may be looking forward to basking in your AC on a hot summer day, there’s no getting around the fact that cooling a home for an entire season can be costly. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re likely spending more each month than is necessary just to keep cool.
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Each spring, we get a lot of questions from our customers about how to choose an AC unit that’s right for their home. Summer isn’t far away, and those who are in the market for a new cooling system often wonder which size central air conditioner they need.
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Heat pumps are no doubt incredible pieces of equipment, but a fair amount of thought must go into the sizing process in order for them to operate properly.



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