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If your furnace, boiler, or heat pump isn’t heating, use this guide to find out whether you should repair or replace your heat pump or furnace. Call the pros at CARJON for heating repair, maintenance, and replacement in Rhode Island.

Heat pump condenser outside in the snow

Heat pumps do act as natural dehumidifiers, but they will not make your air excessively dry and should not be used as a whole-home dehumidifier. Learn more about heat pumps and whole-home humidity control from CARJON.

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Follow these 5 HVAC tips for winter. Check your thermostat, replace air filters and clean vents, install an air purifier, and schedule heating maintenance. Call CARJON for professional heating services in Rhode Island!

Air conditioning service and maintenance, fixing AC unit and cleaning the filters

HVAC maintenance is worth it! Benefits of HVAC maintenance include better energy efficiency, longer-lasting equipment, better comfort, and peace of mind. Schedule HVAC maintenance in Rhode Island with CARJON. 

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Learn the signs of poor indoor air quality and find out how you can maintain a healthy home in Rhode Island. Call CARJON to get help improving the indoor air quality in your Newport or Jamestown home.

Homeowner with heat pump

Have you recently received a hefty quote for heat pump repair? You may be wondering whether it's worth it to pay for the repair, or if it would make more sense to install a new heat pump instead. Today, we're going to talk about some of the signs that your heat pump needs to be repaired or replaced, and when the benefits of replacing a heat pump outweigh the benefits of a repair.

Technician replacing air conditioner

Is it time to replace your AC? If you've noticed low airflow, strange noises, or high AC bills, it might be worth it to replace your air conditioner. Learn more from the Rhode Island HVAC repair service expert.

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Whole-home air purifiers work better than room air purifiers. Learn more about room air purifiers vs whole-home air purifiers, and why you should get an iWave air cleaner for your home. Call CARJON today to get an estimate.

Suburban home garage without an AC installed

If you spend a lot of time in your garage during the summer, whether you use it as a workshop, a home gym, or a hangout space for the kids, you know how hot garages can get.

This may have led you to wonder whether you should add an AC to your garage. It’s possible to put an air conditioner in your garage, and if you spend a lot of time in it, an air conditioned garage is worth it. 

Man enjoying mini split on the couch

Compare mini splits vs central AC and find out what kind of air conditioner you should get for your home. Call CARJON for expert AC and mini split installation in Rhode Island. We're the local AC expert!



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