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CARJON Air Conditioning & Heating Blog

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Find out how to choose an energy efficient air conditioner, understand SEER ratings, and make your AC system run more efficiently for lower cooling costs. CARJON is the Providence, RI area’s trusted local air conditioning installation and repair expert. Learn more about energy efficiency and AC.

air conditioning maintenance

Sign Up for a maintenance agreement with CARJON, the Providence area’s trusted air conditioning specialist, and beat the rush when the warm weather hits. We offer spring AC maintenance plans to help RI homeowners lower cooling costs, prevent breakdowns, and more. Learn more about AC maintenance and maintenance agreement options.

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Find out how to clean your central air conditioner during the spring — and which spring cleaning tasks will help your AC system run efficiently all spring and summer. CARJON is one of Rhode Island’s leading air conditioning contractors, offering AC maintenance, repair, replacement, and more.
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A smart thermostat is just one of the ways you can upgrade your home and start to see energy savings throughout the winter. We can help find the right solution for you, so you and your family can stay warm and comfortable throughout the cold months.

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A smart thermostat enhances your indoor comfort and helps you save on your utility bills with simple, programmable settings. Find out how much money you can save with a smart thermostat with CARJON, the Providence area’s award-winning heating and air conditioning experts.

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An outdated furnace provides quite a fright as the fall temperatures plummet and your home heating bill skyrockets! With the home comfort experts at CARJON, we can update and properly maintain your furnace so you aren’t sweating your utility bill each month. Trust CARJON with your new furnace installation!

furnace won't urn on, heating, hvac, furnace repair, carjon, ri
If your furnace isn’t turning on or is having trouble staying on, it could be one of these reasons. When in doubt, call CARJON to have one of our heating specialists inspect your system. We’ll diagnose the issue and get your furnace back up and running again before the winter cold seeps into your home.
5 ways to save on your heating bill, carjon, ri
With winter on its way, there are steps you can take to ensure your home is prepared for the winter months. Carjon can help get your house ready and start saving money on your energy bills.
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Setting up a Maintenance Agreement with Carjon can save you time and money, giving you peace-of-mind throughout the winter. Lower your utility bills, prevent costly repairs, and more. Learn more about the benefits of having a Maintenance Agreement with Carjon.

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A central AC system offers a number of benefits for homeowners, including increased indoor comfort and greater convenience. But is central AC right for you? Find out from CARJON, Rhode Island’s HVAC experts, if it’s time for you to make the switch to central air conditioning.



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